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    01、Ceramic Coated Separator A、Self-dependent coating technology, evenly distributed ceramic, low moisture and low shrinkage. B、Stable coating with good consistency of thickness. C、Mainstream coated product with high temperature resistance and low shrinkage, which has been supplied massively. 02、Resin Coated Separator A、Interface with good adhesion, soft-packing battery with high strength and good safety. B、Stable coating with good consistency of thickness. C、Resin particles with stable sizes are evenly distributed. 03、New Type Coated Separator A、It integrates advantages of each layer and develops new functions. B、 Totally self-dependent in R&D, adopting ways of compound coating and multi-layer compound, it develops new market of coated separator. 04、Customization by customer Specifications customizable: all specifications can be customized as per customer’s requirements. Parameters range: type of coating, 1~10μm of coating thickness, 300~1500 of moisture, other characteristics can be customized too. Typical Value of Physical Properties Specifications Ceramic Coated Separator Resin Coated Separator New Coated Separator Customization Single/Dual Side(s) Single/Dual Side(s) Single/Dual Side(s) Single/Dual Side(s) Single/Dual Side(s) Thickness(μm) 1~10 1~10 1~10 1~10 Permeability (s/100ml) 10~40 added based on base membrane 15~50 added based on base membrane With new characteristics, e.g. high puncture resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength .etc Customizable 3~10 Puncture(N) —— —— 1000~2000 Tensile Strength MD 5~20% reduction 5~20% reduction 1000~2000 (Kgf/ cm2)  TD 5~20% reduction 5~20% reduction Customizable Thermal Shrinkage MD <2 —— Customizable 90℃*2H(%) TD <1 ——  

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